ORION leads the way in protecting travellers

September 4, 2013

ORION Travel Insurance, a newly incorporated Alberta company, has officially entered the Canadian travel insurance marketplace.

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of ORION Travel Insurance Company. ORION is licensed in the province of Alberta and our travel insurance professionals are currently underwriting policies for the Alberta Motor Association (AMA),” said Carlos Coutinho, Vice President, ORION Travel Insurance Company.

ORION provides comprehensive and tailored insurance products, greater protection for travellers and unrivaled travel insurance expertise.

“What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to unique insurance products and services, as well as our investment in people and technology,” added Coutinho.

ORION provides flexibility in insurance products and offers enhanced claims management services for our clients.

“We are pleased to partner with ORION Travel Insurance Company. This partnership will deliver significant benefits to our members and the Association including a comprehensive line of travel insurance products, superior claims and assistance service and a new, easy to understand medical questionnaire for travellers 60 years of age and older.” said Michelle Chimko – Chief Operating Officer, Alberta Motor Association.

The new travel insurance company is an equity partnership between two of the country’s largest auto clubs, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) and Alberta Motor Association (AMA). Combined, the auto clubs have been selling travel insurance for over two decades.

Meanwhile, ORION will be seeking regulatory approval for all Canadian provinces and territories.

ORION Travel Insurance Company is a new Canadian insurance company formed through an equity partnership by two of Canada’s largest automotive clubs, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) and the Alberta Motor Association (AMA). Combined, they serve almost 3 million members as not-for-profit member clubs of the Canadian Automobile Associate and have been in business for over 110 years. ORION was formed to deliver the most flexible, tailored and simplified travel medical solutions and assistance services for its clients.

For further information: Media contact: Silvana Aceto, Media & PR Consultant, CAA SCO, sace@caasco.ca, Office: (905) 771-3194, Cell: (416) 209-4930 or Jeff LeMoine, Communications Consultant, jlem@caasco.ca, Office: (905) 771-4709, Cell: (416) 254-0641.