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Customer Service

For any inquiries regarding customer service please contact us at the below coordinates:

Tel: 905-747-4900
TF: 1-855-674-6684
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What To Do If You Need Assistance

In the event of an emergency, you should immediately call the Emergency Assistance number listed in your insurance policy.

If it is not reasonably possible for you to contact the Emergency Assistance number yourself, someone else must call on your behalf or you must call as soon as reasonably possible. Your policy may limit benefits if you fail to do so.

Important: Payment to Medical Providers

Your Emergency Assistance provider will pay hospitals, physicians and other medical providers directly, whenever possible. While most medical providers will agree to accept direct payment from them, there are some healthcare providers who will require that you pay them directly.

Where direct payment cannot be arranged, you will be reimbursed eligible expenses on the basis of reasonable and customary costs.

If you pay medical expenses directly to a health service provider without prior approval by your Emergency Assistance provider, these services may be reimbursed to you on the basis of the reasonable and customary costs that would have been paid directly to such provider by the Insurer. Medical charges that you pay may be higher than this amount; therefore you will be responsible for any difference between the amount you paid and the reasonable and customary costs reimbursed by the Insurer.
Please note that some benefits are reimbursable on your return. Travellers should check the benefits section for the insurance coverage(s) they have purchased to see which benefit(s) this applies to.

Submitting Your Claim

You may submit any claim to your assistance provider by email. You must substantiate your claim by providing the documents described in your insurance policy according to the type of insurance plan you purchased. (The Insurer is not responsible for charges levied in relation to any such documents.)

Remember to always indicate your policy number on all correspondence and send the claim form and all required documents to:

Orion Travel Insurance Company – Claims
Active Care Management Inc.
PO Box 308 Station A
Windsor, ON N9A 6K7

Please see your policy for the appropriate phone number to call, or contact: