Orion Travel Insurance At a Glance

Choosing the right travel insurance is easy with Orion.

What do you need? We have a great range of products and outstanding Partners that can take care of travellers before, during, and after the trip if things don’t go as planned.

  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Trip Protection Insurance
  • Visitors/ New to Canada
  • Employee Group Products

Travel Medical Insurance

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Emergency medical insurance can help keep travellers safe.

Orion Travel Medical Insurance takes care of travellers and loved ones in the event of an unexpected medical emergency while travelling outside of their home province.

There are lots of options with travel medical insurance

  • “Once-in-a-while” traveller – Our single trip product could be right for travellers.
  • “Frequent Traveller” – For those who travel often, we offer insurance for multiple trips which is a convenient way of staying protected 12 months a year; you could choose from 4, 8, 15, or 30-day options.
  • Travelling a little bit longer – Top-Up Coverage can be used to extend the multi-trip medical plan if extra days are needed.

What if a traveller…

…while on vacation in the U.S.A. slips and falls through a manhole by accident and is rushed to the local hospital for treatment?

    Orion Travel Medical Insurance can help with:
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Family transportation for a loved one to be at their bedside while they recover
  • Return of vehicle back home (if they drove to destination)
  • Return home for medical treatment

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Trip Protection Insurance


Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance can keep travellers going

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance allows travellers to continue their adventure without missing a beat.

Trip cancellation insurance can help recover travel costs if a trip needs to be cancelled before departure. Trip interruption insurance can keep travellers on your travel schedule if a trip is delayed or interrupted after departure.

What if a traveller learns before they’re about to depart…

…that their relative who is hosting them at their destination has been taken to hospital.

    Orion Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance can help with:
  • Pre-paid travel expenses - like flights, hotel, or car rental.

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What if a traveller missed their connecting flight…

…because of a bad snowstorm.

    Orion Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance can help with:
  • Flight to the next stop on the trip
  • Meals, accommodations, taxi or vehicle rental to help them make it to the destination or to help them get back home if they can’t immediately

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Travel tip: Travellers can take advantage of the benefits of travel medical and non-medical insurance as a vacation package. Visit your local CAA Club

Visitors/ New to Canada

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Emergency medical coverage for those visiting from abroad

Those new to Canada, or temporarily visiting Canada for study, work, or play can opt for Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance for emergency medical protection options according to their comfort level.

What if a new immigrant to Canada…

…who isn’t yet qualified for provincial health insurance suddenly experiences intense pain while eating and notices their jaw swelling?

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance can help with emergency dental treatment up to $200. Visit your local CAA Club

Employee Group Products

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Employers can protect employees wherever they are in the world

Employers can protect employees wherever they are in the world with Orion’s unique travel medical insurance solutions. Employees will experience great care and exceptional service just like individual travellers with Orion.

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What if an employee has a medical emergency after a big meeting in Japan

    Employee Group Travel Insurance from Orion can help in the event of a medical emergency with:
  • Finding a local medical provider and making billing arrangements directly with the medical provider where at all possible
  • Assistance booking return transportation in the event they are unable to make their original flight home
  • Access to 24-7 multilingual assistance centre to provide support and offer interpreter/translator services

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