Life at CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO).

Working at CAA SCO is rewarding!
We work hard and play hard, but our Members' safety is our top priority.

Why Work at CAA?

Life at CAA SCO is fast paced, performance-driven and rewarding. Our main focus is on keeping both our Members and Associates safe, but we also value our Associates' career growth and ongoing professional development—and we regularly recognize their achievements and outstanding results.

We work hard and play hard. We're about doing what's right and feeling good about it.

A Message from President and CEO Jay Woo.

At CAA SCO, we empower one another to reach our full potential through professional and personal programs, policies and development opportunities. But we also recognize that there's more to life than work. By providing scheduling flexibility and options, our Associates can find a healthy balance between their work commitments and their responsibilities to their families, friends and communities.

Flexibility and strong programs and policies aren't the only reasons that CAA SCO is a great place to work—it's our people who truly make us a top employer. Their dedication, team spirit and willingness to support each other help make challenging days good and good days great.

I wish you every success in your search for the right opportunity at CAA SCO. If you do find one, I'll look forward to meeting you.

Jay Woo
President and CEO
CAA South Central Ontario

Supporting Your Success.

Our commitment to helping our Members starts with our Associates—they're caring and supportive, and they'll go the extra mile to help a Member in need. As a result, our workplace culture is collaborative and cohesive. Our Associates are committed to helping each other achieve common goals. This leads to one of our top values: shared success.

Helping You Grow.

We believe in the value of helping our Associates evolve in their roles, departments and future careers within CAA. With that in mind, we have outstanding education reimbursement programs and a best-in-class Learning and Development team to
support you.

Keeping it Flexible.

We recognize that regularly recharging your battery is an important part of achieving a healthy work-life balance. Juggling job and personal duties can be challenging, so having options to help you work with both is key.

Making a Difference.

One of the many ways we keep our Members safe is by advocating on behalf of them and the general public to ensure that we give back to the communities we operate in. Our Government and Community Relations team is in constant contact with our Members and members of local and provincial government.

Our Associates also choose three corporate charities to support every three years. Our current charities include The Canadian Cancer Society, The Heart and Stroke Foundation and SickKids Foundation.