Types of Careers.

Finding the right position is key. The Human Resources talent team wants to give you a snapshot of the types of jobs offered at CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO). Take a look—there might be a position that interests you.

No, not all of us drive tow trucks. Far from it. When you join our team, what you find yourself doing may surprise you.

You could become a member of one of our creative teams, such as Corporate Marketing or Communications.

You could solve technical challenges that ensure our Members are safe as part of our Information
Technology team.

You could also assist in keeping Members safe and happy, helping them get what they need over the phone or in one of our CAA Stores, as part of our Membership Sales and Services team.

And don't forget our Travel and Insurance departments!

The possibilities of where you may find yourself are endless – and all of them are exciting.

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