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Dec.31, 2018 Will Ontario’s updated distracted driving laws prompt drivers to finally put down their devices? (680 kb, .pdf)
Dec.17, 2018 CAA launches cannabis education campaign, #DontDriveHigh (657 kb, .pdf)
Nov.27, 2018 Hamilton Police Service awarded for its dedication to school safety (449 kb, .pdf)
Nov.13, 2018 Will your car battery make it through the winter? (470 kb, .pdf)
Oct.29, 2018 New proposed bill is the right step towards reforming the towing industry (854 kb, .pdf)
Oct.04, 2018 New research shows that 1.9 million Ontario motorists have driven under the influence of cannabis (672 kb, .pdf)
Sep.27, 2018 Can you imagine what it would be like for a tow truck to be on its way before you need it? (446 kb, .pdf)
Sep.18, 2018 Top tips for a worry-free winter away (689 kb, .pdf)
Sep.04, 2018 Safety tips for high traffic school zones (597 kb, .pdf)
Aug.22, 2018 CAA launches Towing Bill of Rights to help consumers (669 kb, .pdf)
Aug.14, 2018 CAA applauds Ontario government’s focus on road safety as plans are announced for the legalization of cannabis (658 kb, .pdf)
Jul.12, 2018 CAA MyPace™ pay-as-you-go auto insurance now available in Ontario (449 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2018 More education and awareness needed as new drug-impaired driving rules take effect July 1 (467 kb, .pdf)
Jun.21, 2018 Everything you need to know for a successful summer driving and road trip season (533 kb, .pdf)
Jun.19, 2018 Newly renovated CAA store in Etobicoke officially opens (497 kb, .pdf)
Jun.18, 2018 CAA South Central Ontario honours school safety advocates with provincial awards (448 kb, .pdf)
Jun.14, 2018 Keep safety top of mind during bike month and beyond (468 kb, .pdf)
Jun.04, 2018 Hamilton’s Burlington Street East voted Ontario’s Worst Road (469 kb, .pdf)
May.23, 2018 New CAA store in Vaughan officially opens its doors (435 kb, .pdf)
May.23, 2018 CAA Insurance unveils pay-as-you-go auto insurance program (434 kb, .pdf)
May.07, 2018 Share the Road and CAA want you to do the Dutch Reach (462 kb, .pdf)
Apr.26, 2018 It’s time to change tires with winter in the rearview mirror (469 kb, .pdf)
Mar.20, 2018 Voting now open for 15th annual CAA Worst Roads campaign (513 kb, .pdf)
Mar.13, 2018 CAA applauds continued calls to protect Ontario motorists (667 kb, .pdf)
Mar.07, 2018 Top destinations for 2018 March Break travellers (558 kb, .pdf)
Feb.23, 2018 Newly redesigned CAA Store in Kingston officially opens its doors (434 kb, .pdf)
Feb.22, 2018 Newly redesigned CAA Store in Cobourg officially opens its doors (434 kb, .pdf)
Jan.30, 2018 Keep up the Canadian spirit on the roads this winter (461 kb, .pdf)
Jan.05, 2018 CAA SCO experiencing high call volumes due to extreme cold (454 kb, .pdf)
Dec.07, 2017 Study of Ontario drivers highlights the need for public education and information around marijuana legalization (460 kb, .pdf)
Dec.01, 2017 New partnership between CAA and Mirvish Productions to include renaming of one of Toronto’s flagship theatres (446 kb, .pdf)
Nov.23, 2017 Tips for cross-border shopping trips this Black Friday (531 kb, .pdf)
Nov.23, 2017 CAA applauds Aviva Canada’s call for provincial towing regulation (655 kb, .pdf)
Nov.09, 2017 Time to install winter tires, prepare for winter driving (541 kb, .pdf)
Nov.09, 2017 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? (518 kb, .pdf)
Nov.03, 2017 Extra care and caution required on the roads with end of daylight saving time this weekend (530 kb, .pdf)
Oct.18, 2017 CAA calls for provincial regulation of towing industry amid continued consumer complaints, reminds motorists of rights (533 kb, .pdf)
Sep.21, 2017 Proposed new distracted driving laws the strongest in Canada (432 kb, .pdf)
Sep.20, 2017 Redesigned CAA Store in Markham now open with a renewed focus on customer experience (430 kb, .pdf)
Sep.19, 2017 Proposed legislation sparks comparisons between cannabis and other road safety issues (445 kb, .pdf)
Aug.31, 2017 CAA urges motorists and pedestrians to avoid dangerous behaviour in school zones as kids head back to school (541 kb, .pdf)
Aug.28, 2017 Guelph Police Service awarded for its dedication to school safety (446 kb, .pdf)
Aug.22, 2017 CAA and Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) reminds motorists to slow down and move over on highways (539 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2017 Hamilton student receives prestigious school safety award (445 kb, .pdf)
Jun.27, 2017 Soak up the summer with road trips, cycling and sensational sights (565 kb, .pdf)
Jun.20, 2017 CAA SCO unveils new outdoor classroom for Burlington students (512 kb, .pdf)
Jun.02, 2017 North York teacher awarded for dedication to school safety (445 kb, .pdf)
Jun.01, 2017 Hamilton’s Burlington Street East voted Ontario’s Worst Road (1.03 mb, .pdf)
May.31, 2017 Newly redesigned CAA Store in Brampton opens its doors (433 kb, .pdf)
May.31, 2017 Newly redesigned CAA Store in Brampton opens its doors (433 kb, .pdf)
May.19, 2017 Keep safety top of mind this long weekend with road trip tips (543 kb, .pdf)
May.05, 2017 Drivers encouraged to be prepared and alert with continued rain and risk of flooding (465 kb, .pdf)
May.03, 2017 Time for spring car care with winter in the rearview window (463 kb, .pdf)
Apr.26, 2017 Less than one week left to vote for Ontario’s Worst Road (506 kb, .pdf)
Apr.18, 2017 CAA sets gold standard in insurance industry with top honours for operational excellence and relationship building (462 kb, .pdf)
Apr.10, 2017 Voting now open for CAA Worst Roads in Ontario (520 kb, .pdf)
Mar.10, 2017 Stay safe by spotting the signs of drowsy driving (474 kb, .pdf)
Mar.09, 2017 Top destinations for 2017 March Break travellers (471 kb, .pdf)
Jan.27, 2017 CAA applauds provincial move to enhance gas tax program (546 kb, .pdf)
Jan.09, 2017 Motorists encouraged to practice safe and patient driving during impending winter storm (476 kb, .pdf)
Jan.05, 2017 Get to know your new Ontario consumer rights for towing and vehicle storage (111 kb, .pdf)
Dec.16, 2016 Six winter driving essentials (106 kb, .pdf)
Dec.15, 2016 CAA SCO experiencing high call volumes due to extreme cold (90 kb, .pdf)
Dec.15, 2016 Extreme weather impacting CAA Service (89 kb, .pdf)
Dec.08, 2016 Don't be fooled by Mother Nature: It's time for winter tires, vehicle battery check (147 kb, .pdf)
Dec.05, 2016 Brantford Police Service recognized for contributions to school safety (165 kb, .pdf)
Nov.23, 2016 Private Member's Bill aims to address roundabout intersections across Ontario (217 kb, .pdf)
Nov.18, 2016 Congestion costs, road capacity and implications for policy-makers (241 kb, .pdf)
Nov.16, 2016 Freeze out winter driving stress (181 kb, .pdf)
Nov.10, 2016 Improving safety in school and community safety zones (180 kb, .pdf)
Nov.02, 2016 Newly redesigned CAA Windsor Store opens its doors for business (92 kb, .pdf)
Oct.31, 2016 Trick or treat! Eight tips for Halloween safety (173 kb, .pdf)
Oct.24, 2016 One in three drivers confess to driving distracted (4.5 mb, .pdf)
Oct.17, 2016 Protect your home from water damage (105 kb, .pdf)
Sep.26, 2016 Ontario’s Seatbelt Law turns 40 (29 kb, .pdf)
Sep.22, 2016 Newly redesigned CAA Oshawa Store opens its doors for business (33 kb, .pdf)
Sep.02, 2016 A lesson in back to school safety (37 kb, .pdf)
Aug.26, 2016 CAA and the Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) working towards safer roads (67 kb, .pdf)
Jul.20, 2016 CAA camp teaches students safety basics (30 kb, .pdf)
Jun.29, 2016 CAA SCO members pick Canada as a top summer destination (31 kb, .pdf)
Jun.21, 2016 Don't let the heat and humidity harm your car (1.3 mb, .pdf)
Jun.20, 2016 Young leader wins prestigious school safety award (31 kb, .pdf)
Jun.16, 2016 CAA Insurance expands strategic relationships in the broker market (31 kb, .pdf)
Jun.07, 2016 CAA offers travel insurance deductible (35 kb, .pdf)
May.26, 2016 Prince Edward County tops CAA's Worst Roads list for the first time with County Road 49 (40 kb, .pdf)
May.24, 2016 What drivers need to know about auto insurance reforms (31 kb, .pdf)
May.18, 2016 Seven tips to prepare your car for a long weekend road trip (37 kb, .pdf)
May.17, 2016 Don't forget to pack travel insurance for your weekend getaway (35 kb, .pdf)
May.03, 2016 Four benefits of rustproofing your car (35 kb, .pdf)
Apr.26, 2016 Four days left to vote for Ontario's worst roads (29 kb, .pdf)
Apr.06, 2016 What are the worst roads in Ontario? (39 kb, .pdf)
Mar.29, 2016 Six must-know tips for purchasing your first car (35 kb, .pdf)
Mar.22, 2016 A return to winter driving conditions (30 kb, .pdf)
Mar.17, 2016 Seven easy tips for spring cleaning your car (35 kb, .pdf)
Mar.14, 2016 CAA Oshawa Store undergoes major facelift (29 kb, .pdf)
Mar.11, 2016 Spot the signs of drowsy drivers (29 kb, .pdf)
Mar.09, 2016 How to avoid breaking the bank on your March Break Getaway (35 kb, .pdf)
Mar.01, 2016 Newly redesigned CAA Guelph Store opens its doors for business (29 kb, .pdf)
Feb.23, 2016 Messy storm to hit southern Ontario (33.5 kb, .pdf)
Feb.05, 2016 Thirty-three restaurants awarded CAA/AAA Four and Five Diamond Ratings (34 kb, .pdf)
Jan.26, 2016 Newly redesigned CAA Peterborough Store opens its doors for business (29.6 kb, .pdf)
Jan.20, 2016 New CAA Store opens its door for business in Pickering (30 kb, .pdf)
Jan.19, 2016 CAA Manitoba and CAA South Central Ontario announce intention to merge (29 kb, .pdf)
Jan.15, 2016 CAA SCO's Diamond Award winning hotels dazzle (29.9 kb, .pdf)
Dec.16, 2015 Travel trends and tips for the holiday season (105 kb, .pdf)
Nov.30, 2015 Winter is coming (103 kb, .pdf)
Nov.23, 2015 Get ready for winter driving (92 kb, .pdf)
Nov.20, 2015 Peterborough Police honoured for dedication to school safety (254 kb, .pdf)
Nov.10, 2015 What you need to know about winter tires (90.6 kb, .pdf)
Oct.15, 2015 Over forty garages in southern Ontario collecting used batteries, motor oil & tires (162 kb, .pdf)
Sep.24, 2015 Why snowbirds shouldn’t head south without proper insurance (158 kb, .pdf)
Sep.04, 2015 A safe start to the school year (35.8 kb, .pdf)
Jul.28, 2015 Sweltering heat expected to last (102 kb, .pdf)
Jul.27, 2015 CAA SCO launches Heads Up! Campaign (207 kb, .pdf)
Jul.15, 2015 Action-packed camp inspires student leadership (188 kb, .pdf)
Jun.30, 2015 How to avoid flood damage to your home and car (106 kb, .pdf)
Jun.24, 2015 Prepare for longer commutes this summer (118 kb, .pdf)
Jun.23, 2015 New outdoor classroom inspires St. Thomas students (213 kb, .pdf)
Jun.16, 2015 Ottawa teacher dedicated to school safety (212 kb, .pdf)
Jun.15, 2015 Ottawa students named CAA School Safety Patrollers of the Year (161 kb, .pdf)
Jun.10, 2015 Survey reinforces support for retaining an elevated eastern Gardiner Expressway (161 kb, .pdf)
Jun.02, 2015 Safer roads on the horizon through passing of Bill 31 (201 kb, .pdf)
May.26, 2015 Two million members strong (103 kb, .pdf)
May.21, 2015 Algonquin Boulevard tops Ontario's Worst Roads list (302 kb, .pdf)
May.15, 2015 15 tips you need to know before your long weekend road trip (239 kb, .pdf)
May.11, 2015 Five things to know about travel insurance before your next cross-border shopping trip (115 kb, .pdf)
May.07, 2015 Tearing down the east Gardiner will increase travel time and compound congestion (2984 kb, .pdf)
May.01, 2015 One-of-a-kind partnership between CAA Insurance and BrokerTeam (90.6 kb, .pdf)
Apr.23, 2015 CAA SCO supports increased transportation investment (159 kb, .pdf)
Apr.21, 2015 Newly redesigned CAA Burlington Store opens its doors for business (142.0 kb, .pdf)
Apr.10, 2015 One week left to vote for Ontario’s worst roads (210 kb, .pdf)
Apr.09, 2015 Winter by the numbers: February deep freeze drained more batteries (101 kb, .pdf)
Apr.01, 2015 CAA Distinct offers insurance solutions to high net worth clients (89.5 kb, .pdf)
Apr.01, 2015 CAA SCO applauds safe cycling communities (92.6 kb, .pdf)
Mar.26, 2015 Eight ways to get your car ready for spring (118 kb, .pdf)
Mar.23, 2015 Vote for the worst road in the province and in your region (214 kb, .pdf)
Mar.06, 2015 Warning signs of drowsy drivers (115 kb, .pdf)
Mar.05, 2015 How to ensure your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare (168 kb, .pdf)
Mar.04, 2015 Ten travel tips to escape the March Break madness (117 kb, .pdf)
Mar.03, 2015 Florida is a March Break favourite (106 kb, .pdf)
Feb.12, 2015 Make a pit stop at the CAA booth during the auto show (93.6 kb, .pdf)
Jan.23, 2015 Pack smart, pack travel insurance (192 kb, .pdf)
Jan.16, 2015 Four new additions to CAA/AAA Diamond Award list (91.2 kb, .pdf)
Jan.05, 2015 A deep freeze sends temperatures plunging (105 kb, .pdf)
Dec.08, 2014 CAA means safety, trust and technology (339 kb, .pdf)
Dec.03, 2014 Toronto Police Service recognized for contributions to school safety (201 kb, .pdf)
Nov.25, 2014 CAA Burlington Store undergoes major facelift (96 kb, .pdf)
Nov.17, 2014 Shift into winter driving (105 kb, .pdf)
Nov.12, 2014 Be prepared for the unexpected this winter season (156 kb, .pdf)
Nov.10, 2014 Four warning signs to replace your car battery (105 kb, .pdf)
Oct.31, 2014 New online tool tracks roadside service requests (90.3 kb, .pdf)
Oct.30, 2014 Ten ways to keep the roads safe this Halloween (90.2 kb, .pdf)
Oct.24, 2014 CAA SCO recognized with Sweet Life Road Safety Champion Award (199 kb, .pdf)
Oct.14, 2014 Thirty-six garages in southern Ontario collecting used batteries, motor oil and tires (163 kb, .pdf)
Oct.09, 2014 Roads, congestion and transit are key election issues for CAA members (173 kb, .pdf)
Sep.19, 2014 Ten tips for snowbirds escaping Canadian winters (118 kb, .pdf)
Aug.29, 2014 The road to school starts with safety (188 kb, .pdf)
Aug.27, 2014 Add safety to your to-do list for back to school (108 kb, .pdf)
Aug.20, 2014 Tenant insurance offers peace of mind (90 kb, .pdf)
Jul.29, 2014 Promise to focus on the road (188 kb, .pdf)
Jul.14, 2014 CAA Connect: Keeping you safe and helping you save (93 kb, .pdf)
Jun.30, 2014 Five ways to prevent your vehicle from getting scorched (140 kb, .pdf)
Jun.24, 2014 Mississauga student named CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year (161 kb, .pdf)
Jun.19, 2014 Summer travel essentials (176 kb, .pdf)
Jun.18, 2014 Top 10 flood safety tips and precautions (175 kb, .pdf)
Jun.17, 2014 Sizzling summer driving destinations (177 kb, .pdf)
Jun.11, 2014 Guelph teacher makes the grade when it comes to school safety
May.28, 2014 Dufferin Street tops Ontario’s Worst Roads once again (214 kb, .pdf)
May.14, 2014 Avoid a vehicle or bicycle breakdown this long weekend (169 kb, .pdf)
May.01, 2014 CAA applauds the establishment of dedicated funding for transportation
Apr.22, 2014 Four days left to vote for Ontario’s worst roads (216 kb, .pdf)
Apr.01, 2014 Rev up for spring (85 kb, .pdf)
Mar.25, 2014 Vote for Ontario’s Worst Roads (168 kb, .pdf)
Mar.21, 2014 Winter season by the numbers (65 kb, .pdf)
Mar.03, 2014 CAA SCO’s Top 5 March Break driving destinations (116 kb, .pdf)
Mar.03, 2014 CAA sells Peterborough Car Care Centre to local entrepreneur (64 kb, .pdf)
Feb.28, 2014 Industry groups form coalition to save the Gardiner (363 kb, .pdf)
Feb.13, 2014 CAA SCO reminds drivers new technologies do not replace skill & judgment (141 kb, .pdf)
Feb.12, 2014 CAA is making bad days good and good days better (67 kb, .pdf)
Jan.20, 2014 CAA SCO receives record number of calls on coldest day (78 kb, .pdf)
Jan.17, 2014 CAA SCO’s Diamond Award winners sparkle (91 kb, .pdf)
Jan.03, 2014 CAA SCO experiencing high call volumes due to extreme cold (83 kb, .pdf)
Dec.12, 2013 Top holiday travel trips and tips (69 kb, .pdf)
Dec.02, 2013 Dedicated funding is critical for road infrastructure projects (62 kb, .pdf)
Nov.28, 2013 Your guide to cross-border shopping on Black Friday (92 kb, .pdf)
Nov.27, 2013 ‘Tis the season to brush up on winter driving skills (96 kb, .pdf)
Nov.18, 2013 CAA to invest in new telematics technology and services (104 kb, .pdf)
Nov.11, 2013 How to avoid being left out in the cold (90 kb, .pdf)
Oct.17, 2013 Drivers pay for Ontario’s road infrastructure costs (144 kb, .pdf)
Oct.15, 2013 Removing lanes on Gardiner not an option (92 kb, .pdf)
Oct.15, 2013 Annual RecycleDrive campaign expanding (121 kb, .pdf)
Oct.07, 2013 Windsor Police recognized for contributions to school safety (112 kb, .pdf)
Oct.07, 2013 Commuters want tangible transportation improvements (144 kb, .pdf)
Oct.03, 2013 Kingston elementary school reveals new outdoor classroom (130 kb, .pdf)
Sep.23, 2013 The cream of the crop (91 kb, .pdf)
Sep.19, 2013 Tips for sun-seeking snowbirds (107 kb, .pdf)
Sep.17, 2013 CAA SCO announces sale of Car Care Centres (86 kb, .pdf)
Aug.30, 2013 School is in session – Drive with caution (120 kb, .pdf)
Aug.29, 2013 CAA working to lower auto insurance costs (24 kb, .pdf)
Aug.22, 2013 Seven ways to make your cross-border shopping trip a success (108 kb, .pdf)
Aug.15, 2013 How to handle a highway breakdown or collision (92 kb, .pdf)
Aug.13, 2013 New CAA Ontario Bike Assist App keeps cyclists connected (120 kb, .pdf)
Aug.07, 2013 CAA SCO’s guide to travelling with children (124 kb, .pdf)
Jul.30, 2013 Make a promise to focus on the road (105 kb, .pdf)
Jul.18, 2013 Annual CAA camp teaches life-saving lessons to Ontario students (90 kb, .pdf)
Jul.09, 2013 How to protect your home (148 kb, .pdf)
Jul.09, 2013 CAA SCO flood safety tips (144 kb, .pdf)
Jul.05, 2013 Five ways to help your car survive the heat (92 kb, .pdf)
Jun.27, 2013 Toronto teacher recognized as Patrol Supervisor of the Year (93 kb, .pdf)
Jun.25, 2013 Travel smart this summer (108 kb, .pdf)
Jun.18, 2013 Dufferin Street in Toronto is the worst road in Ontario (124 kb, .pdf)
Jun.14, 2013 Make a pit stop at the CAA Car Care Centre in Guelph (89 kb, .pdf)
Jun.11, 2013 Funding for ITS to improve safety and mobility (92 kb, .pdf)
May.29, 2013 CAA SCO flood safety tips (92 kb, .pdf)
May.27, 2013 The Big Move report includes commitment to dedicated revenue but should not burden motorists (96 kb, .pdf)
May.27, 2013 It's not too late - Have your say about Ontario's Worst Roads (118 kb, .pdf)
May.15, 2013 CAA SCO’s road trip checklist (136 kb, .pdf)
May.10, 2013 The CAA Blogger Savings Challenge - CAA SCO announces blogger contest winners (92 kb, .pdf)
May.03, 2013 CAA's ongoing leadership helps achieve dedicated funding for transportation in provincial budget (120 kb, .pdf)
May.01, 2013 CAA SCO launches Worst Roads campaign (92 kb, .pdf)
Apr.24, 2013 CAA SCO travel and retail conference mixes learning with laughs (92 kb, .pdf)
Apr.02, 2013 CAA Applauds Repeal of Florida IDP law (124 kb, .pdf)
Mar.25, 2013 Spring Into Car Care (160 kb, .pdf)
Mar.07, 2013 Your March Break travel guide (107 kb, .pdf)
Feb.28, 2013 Transportation funding is a shared responsibility (92 kb, .pdf)
Feb.15, 2013 CAA SCO statement on International Driving Permits (150 kb, .pdf)
Feb.14, 2013 Florida implements new requirement for Canadian drivers (180 kb, .pdf)
Feb.14, 2013 CAA SCO’s eco-charge challenge (120 kb, .pdf)
Feb.12, 2013 Travel coverage on the go (139 kb, .pdf)
Jan.24, 2013 CAA SCO honours Diamond Award winners (85 kb, .pdf)
Jan.21, 2013 Getting a grip on cold weather car care (88 kb, .pdf)
Jan.15, 2013 Safety is a must on the Gardiner (83 kb, .pdf)
Dec.10, 2012 Holiday Travel (86 kb, .pdf)
Dec.05, 2012 CAA SCO tips for safe winter driving (89 kb, .pdf)
Nov.29, 2012 Paying tribute to one of our own (83 kb, .pdf)
Nov.27, 2012 Brantford Police honoured for school safety (84 kb, .pdf)
Nov.13, 2012 Gearing up for winter driving (90 kb, .pdf)
Nov.07, 2012 Top 10 reasons drivers call CAA SCO (82 kb, .pdf)
Nov.01, 2012 Peace of mind on the road and at home (83 kb, .pdf)
Oct.29, 2012 Be storm ready at home and on the road with CAA SCO (75 kb, .pdf)
Oct.15, 2012 2012 Recycle Drive (86 kb, .pdf)
Oct.12, 2012 What you should know before heading south (89 kb, .pdf)
Oct.10, 2012 CAA SCO statement (81 kb, .pdf)
Oct.02, 2012 Closing down the cottage (84 kb, .pdf)
Oct.01, 2012 Top tow truck drivers (83 kb, .pdf)
Sep.24, 2012 CAA SCO is helping drivers find their safest fit (87 kb, .pdf)
Sep.19, 2012 R.I.D.E CHECKS and CAA SCO team up on holiday driving campaign (73 kb, .pdf)
Aug.31, 2012 Back to school safety lessons (76 kb, .pdf)
Aug.23, 2012 New charging station puts CAA SCO on the electric vehicle grid (83 kb, .pdf)
Aug.21, 2012 Your cross-border shopping checklist (89 kb, .pdf)
Aug.01, 2012 Focus on the road (82 kb, .pdf)
Jul.19, 2012 Life-saving lessons put into action (85 kb, .pdf)
Jul.15, 2012 CAA helping build scenic & safe cycling routes (26 kb, .pdf)
Jul.11, 2012 Buying travel insurance just got easier (83 kb, .pdf)
Jul.05, 2012 Your guide to travelling with kids (91 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2012 Keeping kids safe this summer (76 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2012 Expanding transit in Toronto is a regional issue (87 kb, .pdf)
Jun.22, 2012 Your passport to safe summer travel (86 kb, .pdf)
Jun.20, 2012 Grade 5 teacher recognized as Patrol Supervisor of the Year (84 kb, .pdf)
May.31, 2012 Flying with Fido or Fluffy (90 kb, .pdf)
May.30, 2012 CAA wins Canada Sings; $25,000 for SickKids (21 kb, .pdf)
May.16, 2012 Your long weekend travel guide (77 kb, .pdf)
May.02, 2012 The votes are in: Dufferin Street is Ontario's Worst Road (78 kb, .pdf)
Apr.17, 2012 One week left to vote for Ontario’s Worst Roads (100 kb, .pdf)
Apr.13, 2012 Take the greener route at Green Living Show (102 kb, .pdf)
Mar.27, 2012 Help pave the way for safer roads (101 kb, .pdf)
Mar.08, 2012 Favourite March Break driving destinations (102 kb, .pdf)
Mar.06, 2012 Your driving school search ends here (101 kb, .pdf)
Mar.05, 2012 Everyone deserves a safe place to work (84 kb, .pdf)
Feb.16, 2012 CAA SCO sponsors Eco-Drive Showcase (138 kb, .pdf)
Feb.08, 2012 A brilliant honour - CAA/AAA Four and Five Diamond Awards (98 kb, .pdf)
Feb.08, 2012 Due diligence needed in transit discussions (99 kb, .pdf)
Dec.16, 2011 First Patrol Supervisor of the Year (99 kb, .pdf)
Dec.14, 2011 Holiday travel guide (100 kb, .pdf)
Dec.08, 2011 Drinking and driving don’t mix (101 kb, .pdf)
Nov.30, 2011 Shift into Winter Driving (104 kb, .pdf)
Nov.29, 2011 We CAN make a difference (97 kb, .pdf)
Nov.16, 2011 How to handle a highway breakdown or collision (102 kb, .pdf)
Nov.09, 2011 East Algoma OPP awarded top bus safety honours (138 kb, .pdf)
Oct.31, 2011 Driving tricks for a safe Halloween (101 kb, .pdf)
Oct.28, 2011 Winter Driving 101 (99 kb, .pdf)
Oct.24, 2011 12-year-old named School Safety Patroller of the Year (99 kb, .pdf)
Oct.20, 2011 Auto Know empowering women with winter car care skills (141 kb, .pdf)
Oct.19, 2011 Ritz-Carlton sparkles as Five Diamond hotel (99 kb, .pdf)
Oct.13, 2011 Auto Know empowering women with winter car care skills (177 kb, .pdf)
Oct.07, 2011 Thanksgiving Travel Tips (102 kb, .pdf)
Sep.29, 2011 Auto Know empowering women with winter car care skills (141 kb, .pdf)
Sep.26, 2011 CAA SCO Driven to Help Communities Recycle (107 kb, .pdf)
Sep.02, 2011 Back-to-school basics (90 kb, .pdf)
Jul.21, 2011 Touch Olympic Gold - Gold Medallist speaks at CAA SCO camp (100 kb, .pdf)
Jul.12, 2011 CAA SCO backs separated bike lanes (98 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2011 CAA SCO tips for a kid-safe summer (86 kb, .pdf)
Jun.23, 2011 Watch for Bikes - Hamilton (100 kb, .pdf)
Jun.22, 2011 CAA SCO honoured with Road Safety Achievement Award (99 kb, .pdf)
Jun.22, 2011 Open letter to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (102 kb, .pdf)
Jun.14, 2011 Watch for Bikes - London (86 kb, .pdf)
Jun.13, 2011 Watch for Bikes - Toronto (101 kb, .pdf)
Jun.08, 2011 Help clear the air (100 kb, .pdf)
Jun.02, 2011 CAA Auto Know helping more women look under the hood (88 kb, .pdf)
May.19, 2011 Bike Assist is back (82 kb, .pdf)
May.11, 2011 Municipalities support CAA SCO’s position on the HST (86 kb, .pdf)
Apr.20, 2011 Worst Roads campaign put in park (82 kb, .pdf)
Apr.15, 2011 Making road trips better for you and the environment (85 kb, .pdf)
Mar.23, 2011 CAA SCO’s Diamond Award winners shine (83 kb, .pdf)
Mar.10, 2011 Top five March Break getaways (87 kb, .pdf)
Mar.02, 2011 Everyone deserves a safe place to work (84 kb, .pdf)
Feb.18, 2011 Family day fun (68 kb, .pdf)
Jan.27, 2011 Pothole Season is here (87 kb, .pdf)
Jan.18, 2011 CAA SCO's Diamond Award winners shine (84 kb, .pdf)
Dec.16, 2010 Avoid holiday travel headaches (40 kb, .pdf)
Dec.15, 2010 Coalition calls for winter tire rebates (64 kb, .pdf)
Dec.09, 2010 CAA onboard to axe vehicle registration tax (83 kb, .pdf)
Dec.08, 2010 CAA survey takes a sober look at drinking and driving (86 kb, .pdf)
Nov.26, 2010 Winter driving survival guide (87 kb, .pdf)
Nov.22, 2010 CAA SCO among top employers in GTA (31 kb, .pdf)
Nov.18, 2010 Top honours for Peel Regional Police (82 kb, .pdf)
Nov.10, 2010 CAA SCO raises $76,206 for Sick Kids (51 kb, .pdf)
Nov.03, 2010 Getting a grip on winter tires (86 kb, .pdf)
Oct.29, 2010 CAA to present patroller of the year award (74 kb, .pdf)
Oct.29, 2010 CAA to present patroller of the year award (74 kb, .pdf)
Oct.28, 2010 Top 20 Worst and Best Roads for 2010 (74 kb, .pdf)
Oct.27, 2010 Keep children safe by reporting unsafe drivers (77 kb, .pdf)
Oct.26, 2010 CAA finds most Autogreen driver. Creemore resident wins Toyota Hybrid in eco-driving challenge (27 kb, .pdf)
Oct.25, 2010 Keep children safe by reporting unsafe drivers (77 kb, .pdf)
Oct.19, 2010 Keep children safe by reporting unsafe drivers (88 kb, .pdf)
Oct.14, 2010 CAA SCO hits the fairways for SickKids (501 kb, .pdf)
Oct.12, 2010 CAA roadside services to improve (81 kb, .pdf)
Oct.02, 2010 Recycle your rubbish (31 kb, .pdf)
Sep.30, 2010 CAA School Safety Patrollers teach parents a less (40 kb, .pdf)
Sep.28, 2010 Eight decades of lifesaving and leadership (40 kb, .pdf)
Sep.26, 2010 CAA SCO and unions reach tentative deal-strike avoided (32 kb, .pdf)
Sep.23, 2010 CAA puts mayoral candidates in the hot seat (90 kb, .pdf))
Sep.17, 2010 And the front-runner is... (82 kb, .pdf)
Sep.10, 2010 Safety meets tasty at Oshawa Ribfest (20 kb, .pdf)
Sep.03, 2010 Be safe, be seen: back to school safety tips (91 kb, .pdf)
Aug.12, 2010 Cast your ballot - Vote for Worst and Best Roads (89 kb, .pdf)
Jul.21, 2010 Heroes in training (89 kb, .pdf)
Jul.06, 2010 New CAA iPhone application enhances assistance to stranded motorists (139 kb, .pdf)
Jul.05, 2010 CAA SCO: helping clear the air on smog (88 kb, .pdf)
Jun.28, 2010 School is out - safety is in (89 kb, .pdf)
Jun.22, 2010 Be prepared and patient (91 kb, .pdf)
Jun.18, 2010 Have your say on how the HST is spent (94 kb, .pdf)
Jun.09, 2010 Watch for Bikes (94 kb, .pdf)
May.28, 2010 Recycle your ride (93 kb, .pdf)
May.18, 2010 Road trip tips (20 kb, .pdf)
May.17, 2010 Four new Car Care Centres open their doors (20 kb, .pdf)
May.07, 2010 CAA has all your wheels covered (108 kb, .pdf)
May.05, 2010 Trees Ontario and CAA South Central Ontario Continue Their Partnership At the Zehrs Community Tree Planting Weekend (188 kb, .pdf)
Apr.23, 2010 It's a first - CAA at the Green Living Show (97 kb, .pdf)
Apr.22, 2010 10 ways to be a greener driver (98 kb, .pdf)
Apr.19, 2010 Protecting the planet one kilometre at a time (96 kb, .pdf)
Apr.01, 2010 Restaurants, Hotels & Inns sparkle (102 kb, .pdf)
Mar.12, 2010 March Break travellers gear up for road trips (98 kb, .pdf)
Feb.22, 2010 Slow down in the snow (98 kb, .pdf)
Feb.19, 2010 Stranded drivers beware (95 kb, .pdf)
Feb.09, 2010 Gear up for a blast of winter (98 kb, .pdf)
Feb.05, 2010 Want to know how to get out of a sticky situation as Toyota deals with a massive recall? (95 kb, .pdf)
Feb.01, 2010 Talking, texting or typing while driving will now cost you (23 kb, .pdf)
Nov.26, 2009 Money proves biggest motivator for a motorist's eco-driving choices (56 kb, .pdf)
Nov.17, 2009 Barrie police picked cream of the crop for 2009 (23 kb, .pdf)
Oct.29, 2009 CAA and ORBA release 2009 Top 20 Worst Roads list (26 kb, .pdf)
Oct.26, 2009 CAA finds most Autogreen driver. Creemore resident wins Toyota Hybrid in eco-driving challenge (27 kb, .pdf)
Oct.16, 2009 CAA School Safety Patrollers and Toronto Police Service get set to give parents a lesson on school zone safety (25 kb, .pdf)
Sep.30, 2009 New cell phone laws in Ontario (22 kb, .pdf)
Sep.29, 2009 Autoknow sessions and tips (24 kb, .pdf)
Sep.24, 2009 Crunch time for Ontario Worst Roads voting (22 kb, .pdf)
Sep.04, 2009 Investing in back-to-school safety: Lessons for drivers, parents and students (34 kb, .pdf)
Sep.02, 2009 School safety patrollers: The champions of safety are back to give everyone a lesson on back-to-school safety (25 kb, .pdf)
Aug.31, 2009 Trusted name enters car care business in Orangeville (26 kb, .pdf)
Aug.27, 2009 Toronto roads are leading the pack in Worst Roads survey (27 kb, .pdf)
Aug.12, 2009 Worst Roads It's in your hands (27 kb, .pdf)
Aug.05, 2009 Worst Roads 2009 Campaign One Week Away (23 kb, .pdf)
Jul.22, 2009 CAA School Safety Patrol captains get traffic safety lessons from Ontario Police and Fire Officers (23 kb, .pdf)
Jul.10, 2009 CAA School Safety Patrollers and Toronto Police making summer streets safer (25 kb, .pdf)
Jun.18, 2009 Six new CAA Car Care Centres open in South Central Ontario (28 kb, .pdf)
Apr.14, 2009 Spring Care Care will save you money - Peterborough (31 kb, .pdf)
Apr.14, 2009 Spring Care Care will save you money - West Hill (31 kb, .pdf)
Apr.02, 2009 CAA adds six new Car Care Centres (23 kb, .pdf)
Mar.27, 2009 CAA offers car care tips at brand new CAA Car Care Centre (23 kb, .pdf)
Mar.02, 2009 CAA feels effects of economic slowdown, continues to focus on member service (25 kb, .pdf)
Feb.27, 2009 Top 10 vacation medical emergencies (31 kb, .pdf)
Feb.10, 2009 CAA reminds homeowners to be aware of the melting snow (25 kb, .pdf)
Jan.27, 2009 Federal budget encouraging, road funding imminent (28 kb, .pdf)